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Fair Daily Schedule

Dairy Goat Judging

Watch your shorts and camera straps.  Goats will nibble on anything.  Loved for their curiosity and mischievous playfulness, goats are also responsible for some delicious dairy products... from milk to cheeses and more.  Fun fact:  The etymology of the phrase "to get someone's goat" is purportedly derived from the practice of putting goats in the stalls of thoroughbreds to calm their nerves before a race.  A sneaky rival would "get the goat" (i.e. remove it from the stall), agitating the horse, and hurting his odds of winning.

4-H Market Auction

Yibbity, yibbity, yibbity--going once, going twice, SOLD to the man in the blue overalls!  From poultry, to livestock, to rabbits and more, our 4-Her's have put in a lot of effort tending to their animals.  Now it's time to support our 4-H Livestock Program at the 4-H Market Auction.  Will you be the high bidder?

Dahlia Display & Show

A favorite of gardeners, the dahlia bloom can grow to impressive size and, like natural fireworks, explodes in a variety of colors.  Come see these natural wonders in the Floral Building on Saturday while the flowers are still at their peak.

Pony Halter Class Judging

Weighing in at over 2000 lbs, when you talk horse power, the Belgian Draft Horse is the measure by which all breeds must be judged.  While occasionally a bit temperamental, for the most part Belgians are gentle giants.  That said, given their awe-inspiring size and strength, they can be pretty much whatever they want to be.  They've pulled our wagons and plowed our fields, so we owe these enormous equines a sizeable debt of gratitude.  We humans are just along for the ride.


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