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Fair Daily Schedule

Watermelon Eating Contest

Nothing refreshes on a hot summer day like burying your head in a watermelon wedge.  Win or lose, you get a tasty treat, so if you're feeling hungry and like a challenge, take part in our Watermelon Eating Contest!

Wednesday, August 10th – 6:00 p.m.
Age 5 to 7 years – First Place Trophy (Limited to 15 contestants)
Age 8 to 13 years – First Place Trophy (Limited to 15 contestants)
Age 14 to 19 years – First Place Trophy (Limited to 15 contestants)
Adults Age 20 and up – First Place Trophy (Limited to 10 contestants)

Sheep Judging

Feeling sheepish?  Well, you'll be in good company, but bear in mind, if you wear a wool sweater, you may be judged.  While their fleece may not be "white as snow," watching these ornery little lambs is shear fun.  Just don't ask what they think of Christmas.

Milking Cow

If your kids weren't raised on a farm, it's likely they've never had the experience of milking a cow.  Well, the Cuyahoga County Fair has the answer.  Bring your kids into the Commercial Building, where you'll find our Milking Cow.  She's a very placid cow, largely because she's made of plastic, but she does produce milk, which is kind of miraculous when you think about it.  Your kids will have an udderly fantastic time, so bring a bowl of dry cereal, and have at it.

4-H Project Runway

4-H Project Runway 6-8pm (Pre-Registered Teams Only)

This 4-H event features the best in fashion and style! (pre-registered teams only) For more information on this Jr. Fair event or others, feel free to stop by the Jr. Fair building and talk to any of their friendly team members.


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