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PrimeTime Carnival Co. Returns for the 2022 Cuyahoga County Fair

PrimeTime Amusements

The Cuyahoga County Fair is excited to announce that in 2022 PrimeTime Carnival Co. will again be stocking the midway with rides that are fun and exciting for fair-goers of all ages. Information on featured rides as well as ride ticket pricing will be posted here in the near future, so check back for all the latest!

From the excitement of arriving at the PrimeTime Carnival Co. midway and catching the first glimpse of our exciting rides and smelling fresh spun cotton candy, to your last few moments on the midway when you’re turning green from one-to-many rides at the end of the night, we leave you with a memorable trip to the fair!

Our goal is to provide the most fun that any human, extra-terrestrial, or imaginary friend could ever have at the carnival, all whilst doing so with smiling faces. We have over 50+ years of combined experience at helping magical moments come true.

Rider safety is our single top priority. Our team of expert mechanics, electricians, and supervisors make sure our attractions are always running in tip-top shape and safe for the public to ride. They are around night and day, keeping YOU safe while on our midway.

PrimeTime Rides, Games & Concesssions

• Eli 16 Wheel
• Turkey Leg
• Ali Baba
• Funnel Cake
• Ring of Fire #1
• Lemonade
• Yo-Yo
• Grab
• Experience
• Popper
• Sea Ray
• Alpine Bobs
• Balloons #1
• Balloons #2
• Hurricane
• Spin Out
• Basketball
• Scooter
• Drag a Fish
• Jalopy Junction
• Duck Pond
• Merry Go Round
• Gold Fish
• Super Slide
• Water Race
• Dizzy Dragon
• High Striker
• New Dragon Coaster
• Mini Ball
• Funny Bunny Wheel
• Lay Up
• Skater
• Bouey
• Tornado
• Speed Pitch
• Jumping Jungle Fun House
• Machine Gun
• Wind Jammer
• Blockbuster
• Happy Dragons
• Kite Flyer
• P. Bluff
• Office Compound
• Squadron Rio Grande Train
• 32 and Under Zone
• Cycles


Fair Gate Admission Prices DO NOT include Midway Rides, Games or Admission to Most Grandstand Shows & Events. While we make all provisions to provide accurate information, performance and attraction elements & times are subject to change without notice and beyond our control.