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How to Exhibit at the Fair

Entering your items in the fair is easy and fun. Enter as many items as you like all for one price. You will also receive two complimentary tickets to the fair when you enter in the open class divisions.

The Premium Book is the official listing of everything that can be entered at the fair. It is divided in to several departments:

04A Arts & Crafts
04B Domestic Arts & Hobbies
25 Garden & Produce
27 Bees & Honey
28 Floral
37 Junior Fair (no entry fees)

Common Questions:

What does Show 1 and Show 2 mean?

Some sections are judged once before the fair opens and again during the fair. These boxes on the entry form only need to be filled out for produce sections marked with an asterisk (*). Some floral sections also have two shows. At the bottom are the days and times of the two shows.


Do I have to pay for each item I enter?

No. Your one time entry fee covers all Open Class entries this includes Arts & Crafts, Domestic Arts & Hobbies, Garden Produce, and Floral departments. The fee is the same if you enter one item or a hundred. And remember you receive two tickets to the fair when you enter.


I have an item and don’t know what class to enter it in.

If you are unsure what class to enter an item in you can take a picture of it and/or email your question to FairGuy01 [at] If you cannot take a picture, the Fairboard Office can try to help you over the phone at 440-243-0090. Better yet, if you live close to the fairgrounds, bring your item in and we'll see if we can help you, but be sure to call ahead as our office hours vary.