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General Rules

  1. No person shall be permitted to:
    1. Sell, give away or distribute any merchandise
    2. Post or display signs
    3. Distribute handbills or advertising material
    4. Make solicitations of any nature on the Fairgrounds
    ...except in contracted Vendor rented spaces.
  2. Smoking or vaping is NOT permitted in any building or barn.
  3. Pets/animals of any kind are not permitted on the Fairgrounds except for certified service animals and Junior Fair demonstration animals. Only registered Service Animals are permitted on the midways.
  4. Alcoholic beverages may NOT be brought into the Fairgrounds. Beer and wine sales only to those who can provide proper identification and are of legal age to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages.
  5. Bikes, Skateboards, Roller Blades (Inline Skates), Roller Skates, Hoverboards, Motorized and other Scooters, ATVs or other similar wheeled devices are NOT permitted on the Fairgrounds.
  6. Laser pens, pointers or any other Laser devices are NOT permitted on the Fairgrounds.
  7. We reserve the right to inspect all packages, containers, or carryalls.
  8. It is illegal to knowingly carry a firearm, deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance anywhere on these premises.  This prohibition applies to all persons, including concealed handgun license owners.
  9. The Cuyahoga County Agricultural Society assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of parked vehicles or personal property contained within parked vehicles.
  10. No RAINCHECKS or REFUNDS issued.
  11. Drones/UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are not permitted on or above the Fairground's property without prior written permission from the Fair board.
  12. No shirts, no shoes, no admittance.