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Olde Barn Pavilion Entertainment

WBNX Dish Nation Night

WBNX Dish Nation Night When: Sat, Aug 14th - 6pm-8pm
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WBNX presents “Dish Nation Night” at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds on Saturday, August 14th. Dish Nation’s Mega-Talent, "Headkrack" and our local star, "DJ HazMatt" will be in the Olde Barn Pavilion from 6-8PM performing a fun, interactive one-of-a-kind show, greeting guests and taking photos with you in the WBNX Photo Booth.

Be sure to stop by the WBNX-TV Booth starting at 1PM that day for lots of fun giveaways (while supplies last.) Play the disc-drop game for the chance to win giveaways from your favorite TV shows! Plus, bring your friends and take a picture in the NEW “Friends” photo booth!

Hypnotist David Anthony

Hypnotist David Anthony When: All Week - See Fair Daily Calendar for Showtimes

Imagine the person that was sitting next to you just a few minutes ago is now up on stage and can’t remember their own name! Or better yet one of your friends is up on the stage claiming that their belly button was stolen. Then with a snap of David’s fingers they enter back into a hypnotic trance. Sounds entertaining huh? This is just the beginning of what to expect in the show. 

No one is forced to volunteer. David will invite anyone who wants to get hypnotized to join him and fill the 15-20 chairs that are on stage. In just a few moments your friends and the rest of the volunteers fall into a hypnotic trance. Then the fun begins! 

It is comedy like no other. Mainly because YOU and YOUR FRIENDS are the stars of the show!

Brian Brenner Elvis Tribute

Brian Brenner When: Tue - Sun; See Fair Daily Schedule for Show Times

Elvis Presley is more popular today than at any time in history. In the world of entertainment, Brian Brenner stands alone as the most authentic and exciting Elvis stylist in the business.

For over 15 years, Brian has thrilled audiences nationwide with his electrifying salute to the King of Rock & Roll. Brian is careful to portray Elvis in a manner that is dignified, respectful and historically accurate, paying strict attention to every detail. The result is as amazing as the image and illusion of Elvis comes alive in the most genuine creation ever staged!

Brian is an accomplished performer who has performed at venues across the country. From showrooms, corporate events, fairs, festivals, car shows and private events, Brian brings audiences a newfound sense of appreciation of Elvis' music. His carefully crafted tribute reminds us of why Elvis is America's best-loved icon.


Magician Drew Murray

Sleight of Mind - Magician Drew Murray When: All Week - See Fair Daily Schedule for Times

Drew Murray, is a magician, creator, artist and more. He has been wowing audiences since he was just 6 years old. After seeing a magician at a summer festival, he has turned an after school hobby into a successful business.

At just 10 years old he began performing for small events at churches, libraries and family parties. Through his teens and college, he continued performing more shows each year and taking his talents across the country.

Fast forwarding to today, Drew’s career has skyrocketed and his talents have enabled him to acquire an impressive client list including the FBI, The Cleveland Indians, L’OREAL and Macy’s.

No bunnies or top hats, just fresh new magic in this high-energy show. You won’t want to miss it!


The Circus Man - Jason D'Vaude

The Circus Man Jason D'Vaude When: All Week - See Fair Daily Calendar

Dangerous objects! Perilous stunts! Feats of strength and balance! Jason D’Vaude, self-taught one-man multiple-adjectived circus sensation, brings his comedic juggling, fire, and clowning shows to audiences around the world, delighting them with his charming humor and distinct but refined awkwardness. After seeing Jason  juggle sharp objects, climb up precariously-balanced objects, ride an extra-tall unicycle, or manipulate fire like a master, audiences are left speechless except to say “that was AWESOME!”

Build Your Own Drawstring Backpack

Build your own drawstring backpack at the Cuyhoaga County Fair When: Thurs - Sun, from 1pm-5pm

Take part in some hands-on fun by learning to build your own drawstring backpack!



Little Miss & Mr Pageant

Little Miss and Mr Pageant When: Tuesday, August 10th - 1:00PM-3:00PM

If the children are our future, find out why we're in really good hands.  These girls, boys, young men and women will amaze with their poise,  elocution,  and special talents.  From the adorable to the awe-inspiring, the Little Miss and Mr. Pageant is not to be missed.



Singing Angels

Singing Angels When: Wednesday - 12:30-1:30pm

The Singing Angels, founded in 1964, is the musical voice of the Northern Ohio Children’s Performing Music Foundation, Inc., a registered 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. This arts and youth development group is dedicated to teaching the highest level of artistic achievement in the performing arts. The mission is to engage youth from all communities in quality music and performing arts education that teaches teamwork, builds confidence, and provides a foundation for life. Three Angel choruses and small groups perform over 100 concerts a year featuring a wide variety of music, including Broadway, pop, gospel, patriotic, barbershop harmony, light classical, and good old-fashioned sing-a-long. Over 275 children, ages 6 to 18, take part in the organization. The Singing Angels hail from more than 70 communities in 8 counties, and represent numerous races, creeds, and socio-economic backgrounds. Proudly rooted in Cleveland, Ohio, and run by a committed Board of Directors, the group has traveled the world, visiting 31 countries on three continents. Thousands of young people have become youth ambassadors, star performers and stronger citizens as a result of their Angels training.



Jungle Bob Tuma

Jungle Bob Tuma When: See Daily Schedule

Jungle Bob Tuma is an animal entertainer and educator who has been doing animal presentations and events for children of all ages for almost three decades. In addition to educating about the wonderful world of animals, he regularly makes appearances on television and radio.

From Paul the python, to Bob the cockatoo, Rocky the sugar glider, Fifi the tarantula, Spike the bearded dragon, and Pugsley the blue-tongued skink, Jungle Bob has a wide variety of rarely seen animals. He also has some more common critters, like a turtle, bunny, cockroach display, and guinea pig.