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Special Features

Puppy Pals - Action Packed Dog Stunt Show

Puppy Pals Where: South Midway
When: Shows Daily
Web: Puppy Pals Dog Stunt Show

Wesley Williams has loved animals from a very young age! His mom even says he wanted to purchase a full-on petting zoo at just five years old. It was always something new she proclaimed. One month all he wanted was a potbelly pig, the next month a miniature pony, the next month a flock of chickens, you name the animal, and Wesley wanted it. Although he has always had a passion for working with animals, Wesley pursued his unique unicycle skills at an early age, but always kept that dream of working with furry friends in the back of his mind. Just two years into forming his livelong goal of an animal act Wesley has burst onto the scene with his "Puppy Pals," an all-new comedic stunt dog show!

The Reflector

The Reflector Where: Midway Stage, Strolling
When: Multiple Shows Daily
Web: The Reflector

Currently touring with Vanilla Ice, The Reflector is a unique living statue/walkabout human mirror ball act. He is the epitome of unique strolling entertainment that will captivate onlookers.

Hula Hoop Lessons and Shows

Angelina Rose & Stee Bax of Hoopernova Where: Midway Stage
When: Various Times - See Fair Daily Schedule for Details

Hula Hoop experts will be on hand, teaching Hula Hoop techniques and performing, including night glow hooping shows.  Fortunately, two of the best hoopers in the world are from the Cleveland area: Stee Bax and Angelina Rose (performing in the video below).  You will be amazed what each can do with a hula hoop. 

Stee Bax is based out of Solon, Ohio, she has performed at professional sporting events, live concerts, conventions, in music videos, photo shoots, and more. She performs single hoop dances with fire, LED, and day-taped hoops. Additionally, Stee Bax hosts fitness demonstrations on Hula Hooping, so if you're looking for a good way to work off those elephant ears, look no further.  

Angelina Rose has spread her own unique combination of dance and light painting throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond. In between her world travels, she teaches children of all ages Hoop Dance at a local Parma studio. Find out more at the Hula Hoop lessons that will be at the Cuyahoga County fair this year!


Jason D'Vaude Art of Fire Show

Jason D'Vaude Art of Fire Show Where: Various, Midway Stage, Gazebo
When: All Week - See Fair Daily Calendar

Dangerous objects! Perilous stunts! Feats of strength and balance! Jason D’Vaude, self-taught one-man multiple-adjectived circus sensation, brings his comedic juggling, fire, and clowning shows to audiences around the world, delighting them with his charming humor and distinct but refined awkwardness. After seeing Jason  juggle sharp objects, climb up precariously-balanced objects, ride an extra-tall unicycle, or manipulate fire like a master, audiences are left speechless except to say “that was AWESOME!”

National Model Railroad Association

National Model Railroad Association Where: Home & Hobby Building
When: All Week

The National Model Railroad Association, a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization, was founded at the first National Convention over Labor Day Weekend, 1935. The initial goal was to develop standards for scale model railroad equipment to facilitate interchangeability and operation of equipment between modelers, clubs and others.

Today, the NMRA is a world wide organization, with over 18,000 active members, associates, families and clubs dedicated to the hobby of scale model railroading in all it's facets, supporting a hobby of many diverse interests that all relate to the greater world of trains and railroads.

Family Dance Party

Family Dance Party Where: Midway Stage
When: Thurs, Aug 11, Fri, Aug 12, & Sat, Aug 13 @ 7pm

Maybe you dig the Hustle, think the Twist is groovy, or gee willikers if that Charleston ain't just the bee's knees!  No matter. Load all generations in the family wagon, and electric slide on out to the Fairgrounds where we dare you to dance like no one's watching (that's why we hired a photographer)!  So pop 'n lock, cut a rug, jitterbug, do the worm, waltz, fox trot or tango.  Just remember, families that conga together, stay longa together.  The more you know....

Chainsaw Wood Carver Chris Pascoe

Chainsaw Wood Carver Chris Pascoe Where: South Midway
When: All Week

After 35 years fabricating and carving natural stone, Chris is applying his experience to a new medium with new tools - logs and a big ole chainsaw.

Adam Calvert - Country / Pop Music

Adam Calver - Pop / Country Music Where: Midway Stage, Gazebo
When: Various Times - See Fair Daily Schedule

Adam Calvert (born July 6th, 1992) grew up in a small town in Southeastern Ohio. At the age of twelve, he moved to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where he made his start as an entertainer. Calvert graduated from the prestigious School for the Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA) in Cincinnati, Ohio as a Vocal and Piano Major. This resulted in him being featured on the hit MTV show "Taking The Stage" (season 2), which was nominated for a 'Teen Choice' award.

Calvert has had the opportunity to open for several major recording artists such as Parmalee, Canaan Smith, Phil Vassar, Martina McBride, Marty Haggard, James Otto, B.J. Thomas and Marty Stuart, as well as being the headliner for many other events. Calvert is an avid singer/songwriter that enjoys playing at benefits and other charity events. He plays several instruments including the guitar, piano and the violin.

Calvert currently travels back and forth from Ohio to North Carolina and Tennessee where he plays with two different bands. In his spare time, he also performs acoustic shows as well as weddings and private events. You can find several of Calvert’s songs on , SoundCloud, and ReverbNation. You can also follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at Adam Calvert.


The Crooked River Band

The Crooked River Band Where: Gazebo
When: Fri, Aug 12 & Sat, Aug 13, 2022 at Various Times

The Crooked River Band melds classic rock and blues with a bit of soul.  Lead singer Earle Rogoff is a veteran of many stages, and the newest members of CRB.  He is backed by Craig Carpenter on rhythm guitar, Gene Stands on bass, banjo and harmnonica, and Mike Piskunoff on drums.

Modern Western Square Dancing

Modern Western Square Dancing Where: Picnic Pavilion
When: Thur - Sat 7:00-9:00PM

Come on out to the fairgrounds, swing your partner and do-si-do, cause it's time for a little modern western square dancing.  Feeling timid?  Don't be!  Whether you've been square dancing all your life, or just had a fun experience in gym class, all are welcome to join in the fun.