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National Model Railroad Association

The National Model Railroad Association, a 501(c)(3) not for profit educational organization, was founded at the first National Convention over Labor Day Weekend, 1935. The initial goal was to develop standards for scale model railroad equipment to facilitate interchangeability and operation of equipment between modelers, clubs and others.

Metal Sculptor Michael Ensminger

Michael Ensminger has been welding for the past decade and is certified in gas, metal, arc and mig welding. His welding capabilities range from three-dimensional sculptures to decorative functional and structural art.

His work has an industrial appeal stemming from the environment he's worked in and the media he's worked on. Michael enjoys creating pieces out of media that others may consider scrap and also enjoys knowing that those pieces will be around long after he's gone.

Build Your Own Birdhouse

This fair feature is for the birds... quite literally.  So, want to build your own birdhouse?  Well, you can at this year's Fair, and better yet, it's absolutely FREE!  Whether you have a particular fondness for winged creatures, need to beef up that resume ("Lead Architect - Avian Abode"), or are looking for a great crafts project to engage in with your kids, building a birdhouse should definitely fit the bill.    

Carl Jara

Carl Jara is a lifetime resident of the greater Cleveland area. He attended high school knowing full well that he wanted to become an artist--taking and retaking every art class at school. In an act of desperation, his art teacher sent him to work with the stage crew.  There he met Tom Morrison, then a firefighter and President For life of the International Association of Sand Castle Builders. Tom took Carl under his wing, teaching him the basics of both sandsculpting and business.

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