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Dairy Goat Judging

Dairy Goat Judging
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Thu, August 12, 2021, 10:00am to 12:00pm
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Watch your shorts and camera straps.  Goats will nibble on anything.  Loved for their curiosity and mischievous playfulness, goats are also responsible for some delicious dairy products... from milk to cheeses and more.  Fun fact:  The etymology of the phrase "to get someone's goat" is purportedly derived from the practice of putting goats in the stalls of thoroughbreds to calm their nerves before a race.  A sneaky rival would "get the goat" (i.e. remove it from the stall), agitating the horse, and hurting his odds of winning. So if you've been racing around all day, and the nerves are a bit frayed, stop by the Sheep Barn and hang out with the goats for a while.  They'll be sure to make you smile.