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Fair Daily Schedule

Sheep Education Program

Find out why sheep seem to be so negative about everything.., baaah!  But more importantly, find out how sheep have been so valuable to people, from dairy products, to wool and meat.  Herd your flock into the barn to find out more about these wooly creatures.


The Cuyahoga County Fair will be holding fireworks spectaculars Friday, Aug 13th, & Sat, Aug 14th 2021, so be sure to bring the kids out to catch one of the shows!  The Fri and Sat shows are expected to begin at around 10pm. Times are approximate, so get there early to make sure you don't miss anything.

Seth Chwast "Energy in Art" Exhibit

Seth was diagnosed at 21 months as autistic and at age 18 was evaluated resulting in a career recommendation of "dry mopping".  At age 20 he took his first art class and by 23 was a featured artist on The Today Show.  Now 33, Seth has exhibited at the Cleveland Clinic, The Natural History Museum, hospitals, museums and universities throughout America.  In 2011, Seth came in first place in a world-wide United Nations competition and his art was placed on a postal stamp to promote autism awareness.  Internationally he has exhibited in Galapagos, Cayman, Curacao, Kiev and The United Nations.

Thrill Ride

Rock n Roll, AC/DC, Blues Brothers, Commodores, Elvis, Grand Funk, Led Zeppelin, Sabbath, The Doors, Ted Nugent, Van Halen, ZZ Top

The Band:
Benny Tizzano - Vocals
​Adriane Bennett – Bass
Anthony Lovano – Drums


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