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Special Features & Other Entertainment

The Globe of Death

Fearless Flores Family Where: South Midway
When: All Week - See Fair Daily Schedule for Times

The Fearless Flores Thrill Show not only features a stunt man, but a stunt woman... and their stunt kids, all hailing from Myakka City, Fla. They earned a spot in the quarterfinals of Season 6 of “America's Got Talent.” In their first appearance, the two daredevil Flores kids, ages 8 and 13, rode motorcycles in the Globe of Death. Their dad, Ricardo, just happened to be standing in the globe while the kids looped around him at top speed. Ricardo didn't even seem to be fazed by it, probably because the Flores kids have been daredevils since the ages of 4 and 6 and are now the youngest brother and sister team to conquer the Globe of Death. The Flores family upped the ante in their next appearance by adding mom Arcelia to an already dangerous mix. 


Angelina Rose & Stee Bax of Hoopernova Where: Midway Stage
When: Various Times - See Fair Daily Schedule for Details

Various representatives from Hoopernova will be on hand all week, teaching Hula Hoop technique before their performances, including night glow hooping shows.  Fortunately, two of the best hoopers in the world are from the Cleveland area: Stee Bax and Angelina Rose (performing in the video below).  You will be amazed what each can do with a hula hoop. 

Stee Bax is based out of Solon, Ohio, she has performed at professional sporting events, live concerts, conventions, in music videos, photo shoots, and more. She performs single hoop dances with fire, LED, and day-taped hoops. Additionally, Stee Bax hosts fitness demonstrations on Hula Hooping, so if you're looking for a good way to work off those elephant ears, look no further.  

Angelina Rose has spread her own unique combination of dance and light painting throughout the Great Lakes region and beyond. In between her world travels, she teaches children of all ages Hoop Dance at a local Parma studio. Find out more at the Hula Hoop lessons that will be at the Cuyahoga County fair this year!


Cleveland Blues Society

Cleveland Blues Society Where: Beer Garden
When: Various Times - See Fair Daily Schedule for Details

The Cuyahoga County Fair is excited to have The Cleveland Blues Society hosting the entertainment for our Beer Garden this year.  Some of the finest blues acts in Cleveland will be providing entertainment all week long, so check the Fair Daily Schedule for bands and performance times. 

The Cleveland Blues Society is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote awareness and appreciation for the blues. Through our alliance, we endeavor to provide more opportunities for fans to see quality local and national blues artists. Additionally, we will provide educational workshops and preserve the history of the blues in our area.



Horse Show

Where: Horse Ring
When: Saturday, Aug 12th at 8:00am

Show Bill, Entry & Sponsorship Forms: Click Here

Love horses?  Well don't miss the Cuyahoga County Fair Horse Show, featuring Academy, Halter, Showmanship, and Equitation classes. The CCF Horse Show is a qualifying competition for the 2017 ASHA High Point Awards and the 2018 Kentucky State Fair's World's Championship Horse Show.  And even if you're not a serious horse enthusiast, don't miss the Open Costume Class, which usually begins around 1pm, just after the lunch break, where you'll see horses and riders dressed up as everything from pirates, to princesses, and from smurfs, to the Headless Horseman.  Definitely a fan favorite!

Professor Bubblemaker

Professor Bubblemaker Where: South Midway
When: 3 Shows Per Day

Professor Bubblemaker's Marvelous Medicine Show combines the elements of magic, mentalism, comedy, history, a flea circus and of course lots of bubbles. Available in a purely entertainment show and an educational show which includes more historical information.

Professor Bubblemaker's Beautiful Bubble Ballet  features bubbles of all sizes and bubble sculptures such as caterpillars, carousels, square bubbles, snowmen and even a bubble snowglobe as well as giant bubbles and tiny bubbles and bubble snakes that flow gracefully under colored lights choreographed to music.

Professor Phineas's Hypnotic Adventures are hypnosis shows unlike any that you have seen before Whether a standard comedy hypnosis show, strolling "street hypnosis" or a hypnotic adventure in which the hypnotized volunteers become the stars of a funny adventure, the audience and volunteers are entertained and delighted with the power of their own minds.

Professor Bubblemaker's Festival Bubbles is a freeform demostration of bubble art at it's interactive best! You still get bubbles of all sizes and shapes, as well as the bubble sculptures, but as the weather changes it allows different tricks to be done and the audience is encouraged to chase, pop or play with the bubbles.

Colonel Bubblemaker's Fantastic Flea Circus is  a complete circus complete with a grand parade, tightrope walkers, trapeze artists, a death defying high dive as well as a "human cannonball" and other acts, all contained within a suitcase. The performers in this amazing circus are tiny trained fleas. We even have the worlds strongest flea Hugo and an equestrian team of fleas riding on gnats.

Wade Henry

Wade Henry Where: Roving
When: All Week!

Wade Henry hails from a long line of freedom-fighting Irish settlers who homesteaded in Manitoba in the 1700's and 1800's. It was in this Canadian West that Wade started training for his life as a performing artist.

Wade's inclination towards danger became apparent when, as a toddler, he was found riding bareback on his grandmother's german shephard.

Not long after the family's move to Pocatello, Idaho, Wade's father—perhaps to spare area canines—gave him a pony for Chistmas. His trusty steed at the ready, Wade adopted a "Cowboy Spirit," which he describes as: "...a certain attitude that most ideally fits the American man. It includes integrity, honesty and courage...along with a high esteem for family, a need for personal liberty, a spiritual element, and of course, a sense of humor. Further, the cowboy is a bit of a show-off. He values his own unique skills and abilities, and enjoys testing and improving them—whether in front of a rodeo crowd, or many miles from town as the sun sets."

Something of a nomad, Wade returned to Canada and spent long, frigid winters as a hockey goalie in the Great Lakes region of SW Ontario. His coach had him throw rubber balls around to improve his reflexes. Soon a professional juggler was born.

Honors Business Degree in hand, and now in his early twenties, Wade took an unconventional turn and decided to travel the world on a shoestring. For a time, he settled into working a farm in New Zealand. Calling home, he informed his parents that after years of academic toil and preparation for the corporate world, he had decided to return to the land - like a true Henry.

After the harvest, Wade continued his travels for another year—through Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and China and back to Canada. Necessity being the mother of invention, he funded these travels as a world-class street performer, delivering shows on streets, town squares and harborfront areas of various Australian and Canadian cities.

Wade's travels as a performer are partially documented in his popular adventure novel "The Greatest Finale".

Wade spent the next several years developing and polishing his skills as a performing artist. He is an accomplished juggler, unicyclist, ropewalker, fire eater, equilibriast, magician, speaker and comic. His most important and useful skill, however, may be his ability to handle people and audiences.

Given Wade's affinity for the land, he is naturally at home at county fairs, which serve to celebrate farming and agriculture. For Wade, these fairs are peopled by folks who understand the value of humor and a little high-spirited showing-off. Wade has performed over 6,000 shows and continues his prolific career at this year's Cuyahoga County Fair.

Cuyahoga County Farm Bureau Pedal Tractor Pull

Ohio Farm Bureau Pedal Tractor Pull Where: Bee Barn
When: Saturday - 2pm (Registration begins at 1pm)

Family fun at the Cuyahoga County Fair... the pedal tractor pull will be held Saturday, Aug. 12. Registration begins at 1:00 p.m. - first "pull" at 2 p.m. for ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-9, 10 -13. Young adult and adult pulls follow the kids' pulls. Fun for all ages. Trophies awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place in each kid's age category and T-shirts for all participants. Come to the Cuyahoga County Fair and plan to participate in the PEDAL TRACTOR PULL. Thanks to our sponsors for the Pedal Tractor Pull: Nationwide Insurance, B.A. Sweetie Candy Company and the A.P.A.C.C. (the tractor club).

Carl Jara

Carl Jara Where: Floral Building
When: All Week

Carl Jara is a lifetime resident of the greater Cleveland area. He attended high school knowing full well that he wanted to become an artist--taking and retaking every art class at school. In an act of desperation, his art teacher sent him to work with the stage crew.  There he met Tom Morrison, then a firefighter and President For life of the International Association of Sand Castle Builders. Tom took Carl under his wing, teaching him the basics of both sandsculpting and business. Carl moved on to study Fine Arts at the Myers School of Art in Akron, Ohio, studying Illustration and Graphic Design, all the while working with Tom and being introduced to a community of professional sand sculptors he never knew existed.

When it came time for his Bachelor of Fine Arts exhibition, he realized that illustration and graphic design were not his true calling.  What he did have was a desire to sculpt. His fifteen foot sand sculpture in the school gallery graced the front pages of local newspapers and was broadcast across the region on the evening news. It was the defining moment that launched his career.

He now holds nine World Championship medals, at least three dozen medals from other contests, and has been featured twice on Sand Blasters on the Travel Channel. He's worked and competed in eleven countries, more than two dozen states, and continues to carve out his living in sand.

In addition to sculpting, he accepted the position of Exhibits Artisan/Technician at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, where he gets to use his creative akills in a completely different manner.  He's helped install Sue, the largest T-Rex ever found, as well as articulated Lucy, one of the oldest hominid fossils yet discovered. So if you're ever at the Museum, give him a shout... you might just get a behind-the-scenes tour!

Chainsaw Woodcarvers Rick & Sue Cox

Chainsaw Woodcarvers Rick & Sue Cox Where: Picnic Pavilion
When: All Day/All Week

Living in western Pennsylvania and teaching woodcarving classes, Rick and his wife Sue begain their own business, RS Woodcarving.  

Rick Cox has traveled the world perfecting his skills... studying carvers from all over the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and Germany.

For years, Rick has participated at events and competitions across the country, while performing demonstrations at numerous fairs and festivals. Competing with over 250 woodcarvers from around the world, Rick placed third in an international chainsaw carving exhibition in Ridgeway Pennsylvania in 2005. 

In 2006, Rick's wife Sue began traveling and carving with him.  The husband and wife team work to produce a variety of quality carvings at each event.

Rick has also generously donated many of his carvings to civic and charitable organizations such as: Make-A-Wish Foundation, Boy Scouts of America, Association for the Blind, the YMCA, churches and numerous Fire departments. An award-winning carver and a master at his craft, Rick creates deep relief carvings, figures, animals, portraits, caricatures, shallow relief and chip carving.


Studio Go Mobile Art Truck

Studio Go Art Truck Where: Gazebo Area
When: Wed: 1pm-8pm, Thurs & Fri: Noon-4pm

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s mobile art studio, Studio Go, delivers hands-on art experiences to neighborhoods across Northeast Ohio. People of all ages can participate in art-making and art exploration activities that will spark curiosity and create deeper connections to the Cleveland Museum of Art’s world renowned collection. Studio Go will tour communities across the region May–October 2017.

Marc Dobson One Man Band

Marc Dobson One Man Band Where: Roving, Strolling
When: Tues-Thurs, Aug 8-10

The One Man Band and Son is a one of a kind show of extreme music with comedy for all ages. An inspiring performance playing instruments Marc has created. Performing mainly on fairgrounds they perform in locations many music groups cannot using a motorized and self-powered wagon loaded with 3,000 watts of modern sound equipment.

The repertoire aims at songs every age should recognize covering the 60’s thru to today with a mix of Rock, Country, Pop and more. With improv comedic antics, no two shows are alike which maybe is why Marc has been performing yearly at many fairs since the inception of his One Man Band.

Moo University - Moo Tours

Moo University - Moo Tours Where: Cow Palace
When: Tues-Sun, Aug 8th-13th from 1pm-8pm

Moo U guides want to change the way the general public views the production livestock industry. We want people to realize that the animals are more than just a food source. Alternate protein sources are easy to find, but replacements for the byproducts that we use daily are not so readily available. Everyone uses animal byproducts on a daily basis, if you live in a home, use electronics, drive or ride in a car. It is extremely important to educate our youth about where their food is coming from and how it is raised and grown. Our tours will be a benefit to your fair, community and school educational programs.

Moo U will be at the Fair Tuesday through Sunday from 1 PM to 8 PM offering livestock barn tours on the hour.  They will have a pop up tent in front of the Cow Palace where the tours will start and end.

RTA Kidwatch

RTA Kidwatch Where: South Midway
When: Thursday August 10, 2017, 12pm-4pm

On Thursday August 10, 2017, from 12p-4p, the Kidwatch Program will be at the County Fair. The mission of Kidwatch is to create Emergency ID cards for children of all ages.  Officers will gather personal information of children (height, weight, DOB, pictures, emergency contact info) from the parents and create an ID card to be used by the parent in case of an emergency. Officers will also interact with the children and families and develop positive relationships.

Jungle Bob Tuma

Jungle Bob Tuma Where: Various
When: See Daily Schedule

Jungle Bob Tuma is an animal entertainer and educator who has been doing animal presentations and events for children of all ages for almost three decades. In addition to educating about the wonderful world of animals, he regularly makes appearances on television and radio.

From Paul the python, to Bob the cockatoo, Rocky the sugar glider, Fifi the tarantula, Spike the bearded dragon, and Pugsley the blue-tongued skink, Jungle Bob has a wide variety of rarely seen animals. He also has some more common critters, like a turtle, bunny, cockroach display, and guinea pig.


Woodcarvings by Tom Nero

Woodcarving by Tom Nero Where: Sustainability Center
When: All Week

Tom Nero, a successful businessman and lifelong (now age 88) resident of Brecksville, was a promising artist in high school (class of 1948).  He won an art scholarship to Cleveland Institute of Art, but instead earned Business degrees (Ph. D) at Kent State University.  Entrepreneur that he is, he founded Aurora Farms Factory Outlets as the first of its kind in Ohio (6th in USA).  In the 1990s, Tom sold Aurora Farms, taught at CSU and KSU, and took up woodcarving, without benefit of any formal art instruction.

Tom did take some woodcarving workshops for the technical aspects and has since carved well over 150 pieces, which he never sells, retaining all for occasional gifts to family members.  His work consists of 3-D carvings and framed bas-relief hangings.  Subjects focus on Native Americans, Mountain Men, caricatures, Santa Clause bas-reliefs and carousel animals.  These are carved from basswood mostly, but also from maple and pine, using a plethora of woodcarving tools.

Now essentially retired from carving, Nero is still active in Buckeye Woodcarvers, NorthCoast Wood-turners and the Christian Appalachian Project, which he founded at St. Basil The Great church 26 years ago, receiving donated used household items each September and shipping 3-5 semi-trailer loads to Kentucky quickly thereafter.

Tom was inducted into the Brecksville-Broadview Heights High School Gallery of Achievement in 2012 and was named by the City of Brecksville as Senior Volunteer Man of the Year in 2013.

Duct Tape Crafts

Duck Brand Duck Tape Where: Bee Barn
When: Tuesday - Sunday, 1:00pm-4:00pm

Between 1pm and 4pm from Tuesday, August 8th - Sunday, August 13th, Duck Tape® Brand Duct Tape will be on hand in the Home & Hobby building for Make & Take sessions. There fair-goers can call upon the expertise of Duck Tape's® resident artist for help in crafting miscellaneous items out of Duck Tape®. If you question what a little creativity and a few rolls of tape can create, check out this article on Duck Tape's® Stuck at Prom® Scholarship Contest, where entrants fashion their prom wardrobe out of Duck Tape®—pretty impressive stuff!

Sir Troy's Toy Kingdom Lego® Exhibit

Sir Troy's Toy Kingdom Where: Home & Hobby Building
When: Thurs-Sun, Aug 10-13 from 1-8pm

Member of NEOLUG will present their fantastic LEGO® brick creations ranging from models of existing items to the realms of fantasy and imagination.  There will also be a LEGO® train layout with running trains and a six foot tall skyscraper!

| NE – oh – lug| noun.  A group of adult hobbyists sharing and celebrating their passion for building with interlocking plastic bricks… specifically LEGO® brand bricks.

NEOLUG was formed in 2010 as a group of adult hobbyists sharing their passion for building with LEGO® in the North Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania region to interact and share their love of LEGO® bricks with others. We currently have about 30 members that build just about any theme and come together for events and other displays. We can do art shows, sci-fi, train, city, and just about any other type of event. You can see our range by looking through past events. Not being restricted as a club to one theme allows us to have more members with different types of Lego® creations.

The Spirit of America's Story

The Spirit of America's Story Where: South Midway
When: All Week

The Wall is a free standing portable structure approximately 80-100 feet in length and 8 feet high. Constructed of lightweight aluminum, it holds mural panels depicting critical junctures in United States history. Speakers dressed in period costume will open a window on America's past, providing historical insights and anecdotes, all of which help reveal our nation's character... the true Spirit of America.  This beautiful illustrated wall will help teach, inspire and educate young and old alike.

Modern Western Square Dancing

Modern Western Square Dancing Where: Bee Barn
When: Mon - Sat 7:30-9:30PM

Come on out to the fairgrounds, swing your partner and do-si-do, cause it's time for a little modern western square dancing.  Feeling timid?  Don't be!  As a famous man without a hat once said, "You can dance if you want to."  So whether you've been square dancing all your life, or just had a fun experience in gym class, all are welcome to join in and refresh their square dancing prowess.

Pick Up Stix

Pick Up Stix Stiltwalkers Where: Roving, Strolling
When: Tues-Sun, Aug 8th-13th

When you need an entertaining and mesmerizing stiltwalking performance, Pick up Stix is a Cleveland based company offering professional, experienced and insured stiltwalkers. 

With over 20 years of stiltwalking experience, Pick up Stix can provide the perfect stiltwalking performer for your event. 

Whether your venue is for corporate, promotional, educational or private event; Pick up Stix will be glad to provide the right stiltwalker whether on 2 legs or 4. We are sure to have the right costume and stilter for you!

If you do not see the costume for your events theme, we can make one with advanced notice and stilt costuming fee.

Pick up Stix ~ Locally owned and operated since 1992